The Telic Campaign

    An Unofficial Expansion Pack for Alien Swarm

      Last Updated : 08 Dec 2005
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    The Telic Campaign is an unofficial expansion pack for the Unreal Tournament 2004 award winning total conversion, Alien Swarm. In Alien Swarm, you control a squad of space marines through dangerous missions agaisnt hordes of hostile aliens. Alien Swarm isn't just another bug hunt, in order to succeed you will need to command your soldiers strategically and make use of each marine's special ability and equipment to achieve different objectives throughout the mission. Alien Swarm supports single player or multiplayer cooperative mode with up to 8 players. If you haven't played it yet, download it now and connect to a server or add it to your next LAN party.

    The Telic Expansion Pack builds upon this extremely fun gameplay by bringing eight new, unique missions in the form of a complete campaign. In addition to the maps, Telic expands the Alien Swarm universe with new weapons, extra items, more dangerous enemies, original mission objectives and  modifications to the standard game rules.

    The following are some of the new elements that Telic brings to the game:

    * A unique campaign with 8 new missions.
    * Varied mission environments: from abandoned bases and high tech labs and underground caves.
    * Seven new weapons that add on to the existing arsenal.
    * New equipment items: demolition explosives, sentry gun assembly kits, chemical grenades and more.
    * Original music and sounds.
    * Additional creatures with custom models and challenging tactics.
    * New interactive objects, npcs, mission objectives, custom triggers and more.
    * Tweaked game rules to enhance the cooperative aspects of the game.
    * Optional mutators allowing players and server admins to customize  the gameplay.

    The basic principles of Alien Swarm are retained: vibrant non-stop action and challenging situations that require active cooperation from the whole team. Stay sharp, watch those corners and remember.. short, controlled bursts.


System Requirements

    * Unreal Tournament 2004 - Updated with the latest patch
    * Alien Swarm 1.3
    * A computer that meets the minimum system requirements for UT2004
    * Telic can run on any OS supported by UT2004 (Linux/MacOS/Windows)

Installing Telic

    To install Telic, just unpack the contents of the zip file to your UT2004/ folder, making sure that you keep the directory structure intact when extracting the files. Telic will not overwrite any existing game or ini files.

    If you wish to do it manually, move the files to the correct folder using the guide below:

*.ut2 files go in UT2004/Alienswarm/Maps
*.utx files go in UT2004/Alienswarm/Textures
*.uax files go in UT2004/Alienswarm/Sounds
*.u and *.int files go in UT2004/Alienswarm/System
*.usx files go in UT2004/Alienswarm/Staticmeshes
*.ukx files go in UT2004/Alienswarm/Animations
*.ogg files go in UT2004/Music

Playing Telic

Playing online

    The best way to enjoy the Telic campaign is to play it with other people, joining a public server online or setting up a LAN game. In order to play online, launch Alien Swarm normally and connect to a server that has Telic installed. The Telic team maintains an official dedicated server that runs the campaign at the following address:

[TES] Telic Server
Ip Address:  Port: 28600

    Once in the server, bring up the map vote window (normally 'F1') and select the entry 'Telic Campaign' to start a new campaign.

Launching Telic offline

    Launching Telic for a single player game is pretty straightforward. The easiest way is to launch Alien Swarm normally, go into the single player menu, and then select 'Custom Campaign' -> 'Telic Campaign' . When launching Telic this way, you can easily resume the campaign from the last completed map by selecting 'Continue last custom campaign' from the menu.


    If you want to launch Alien Swarm directly into the Telic campaign or you want to play Telic with  the Telic Mutator, you need to start the game with a batch file that sets a few command line options. Included in the distribution, there is a script StartTelicCampaign  (.bat file for Windows, .sh for Linux) to do this. You might need to edit the script if the game is installed in a non-standard location. The command in the script is:

(Windows version)
start ..\System\ut2004.exe AOL-TelicCampaignLobby.ut2?Game=AoCustCamp.AoCCLobbyG ameInfo?CustCampStr=AoTelicCamp.AoCCTelicCampaign?CampaignSlot=11?NewGame=Yes?Slo tName=Telic?Mutator=AoTelicBeta.MutTelic?CampaignType=Custom -mod=AlienSwarm

(Linux version)
exec ../ut2004 AOL-TelicCampaignLobby.ut2?Game=AoCustCamp.AoCCLobbyG ameInfo?CustCampStr=AoTelicCamp.AoCCTelicCampaign?CampaignSlot=11?NewGame=Yes?Slo tName=Telic?Mutator=AoTelicBeta.MutTelic?CampaignType=Custom -mod=AlienSwarm

    To remove the telic mutator, you just need to delete the string "?mutator=AoTelicBeta.MutTelic" in the command line. You can also resume previous campaigns by selecting the appropiate "CampaignSlot" and setting "NewGame=No".  

    To change which parts of the Telic Mutator get activated, you can use the admin interface to the mutator using 'mutate' commands, or write a mutator section in the AlienSwarm.ini file with the configuration variables. Check the section "Mutator options" for detailed information on this.

Listen server

    To start a listen server running Telic, you just need to have Telic installed as described above and start an Alien Swarm listen server normally. Players joining the server will be able to vote for a new Telic Campaign using the map voting menu, as the custom campaign mutator gets loaded by default.


    If you want to run the Telic mutator on the listen server, you will have to launch the server from the command line. The Telic distribution comes with a script (TelicListenServer) that launches a listen server with the Telic mutator enabled. Depending on your installation, you might need to edit the script to point at the location of your ut2004 binary. The command line options for this are:

(Windows version)
start ..\System\ut2004.exe server AOL-TelicCampaignLobby.ut2?Game=AoCustCamp.AoCCLobbyG ameInfo?CustCampStr=AoTelicCamp.AoCCTelicCampaign?CampaignSlot=10?NewGame=Yes?Slo tName=Telic?CampaignType=Custom?Mutator=AoTelicBeta.MutTelic?Listen -mod=AlienSwarm

(Linux version)
exec ../ut2004 server AOL-TelicCampaignLobby.ut2?Game=AoCustCamp.AoCCLobbyG ameInfo?CustCampStr=AoTelicCamp.AoCCTelicCampaign?CampaignSlot=10?NewGame=Yes?Slo tName=Telic?CampaignType=Custom?Mutator=AoTelicBeta.MutTelic?Listen -mod=AlienSwarm

    To load a previously started campaign, just change "NewGame=No".

    For mutator configuration options, check the section "Mutator Options" below.

Dedicated server

    If you want to host a dedicated server that runs the Telic Campaign, you need to install the Telic distribution as detailed above, and add the following lines to your server config file (typically AlienSwarm.ini in the AlienSwarm/System directory) at the end of the [Engine.GameEngine] section :


    Nothing else is required to allow people to play the Telic Campaign on your Alien Swarm server. The campaign can run independently of the mutator, but if you want the server to run the Telic Mutator for additional modifications (recommended), you need to add the string "?Mutator=AoTelicBeta.MutTelic" to the server startup command. The configuration of the mutator can be done interactively using 'mutate' commands when you log in as server admin, or by setting the appropiate configuration variables in the server ini file under the header [AoTelicBeta.MutTelic]. See the section "Mutator Options" for a detailed explanation of the variables and configuration options.

    Please note that the Telic Campaign weights about 80 Mb compressed, and nearly 150 Mb uncompressed. If you add the Telic Campaign to the server, any players joining the server should be required to have Telic  previously installed in their systems, as downloading the whole campaign from the server or redirect is likely to waste a lot of bandwidth.

Mutator options

    The Telic Mutator adds a variety of different options to spice up the game. All the options are run from a single mutator, and can be configured via mutate commands by a server admin and through a section the configuration file. The Telic Mutator is not required to play the Telic Campaign, and is not loaded by default when a new Telic Campaign is selected. However, we advise server admins to run the mutator with default options on a server running Telic for a better experience of the campaign.

    To load the mutator, you need to add the string "?Mutator=AoTelicBeta.MutTelic" when starting the game. By default, the mutator is very unintrusive and  runs with all the optional features turned off except on Telic Campaigns. If you want to activate any of the optional features outside the Telic Campaign, you can add the following section in the AlienSwarm.ini file:


    Setting the variables to 'True' or 'False' will Enable/Disable that particular feature of the mutator:

    - bAddTelicEquip :

    Adds the new Telic equipment to the roster screen in non-Telic maps or campaigns. 

    - bAddTelicHelmets :

    Adds the helmets to the marines for any map. Helmets play an important role in some Telic maps by allowing marines to breathe in hazardous environments.  The addition of helmets to non-telic maps is really just cosmetic and doesn't affect the gameplay.

    - bAddTelicStims :

    Adds the Telic Stims, and removes the stim pack from the equipment list in the roster. The Telic Stims work by assigning a default stim pack to every marine - medics get 3 charges, other marines 1 - instead of having stim packs as an optional extra item. This default stim pack shows up in the HUD and is activated via the "stim" exec function that players can bind to a key.
    Other stim packs that might exist in the map are not altered. The purpose of this modification is to remove the need to select stim packs as extra equipment, freeing the slot for other useful choices. We found that games played with Telic Stims tend to be less dependant on constant slow motion action, and more geared towards cooperative action and tactical use of the inventory.  
    To bind a key to the 'stim' function, assign a key to "Use Stims" in the settings page or use the command "set input some_key stim". E.g. to bind the 'x' key to the stim function, bring down the console (press TAB or ') and type:

> set input x stim

    - bAddNoFFAward :
    Adds a new 'Special Merit' medal that gets awarded to players that have not caused any damage to other fellow marines during the mission. In the Telic Campaign, players get an extra accuracy star when they are first awarded this medal. Adding it to other campaigns or single maps will just let you know at the end of the mission which marines didn't hurt any fellow players.

    - bAddTelicMelee :
    When this option is activated, melee attacks can affect other marines. Sometimes it is useful to nudge fellow marines in order to grab their attention.. :)

    Mutate Commands:

    The mutator can also be configured in game by the server admin using 'mutate' commands. The 'mutate' function in the Telic Mutator accepts the following arguments:

    - ShowConfig - Shows the current configuration for the mutator.
    - ShowOptions - Shows the list of options that the mutate command accepts.
    - AllOn - Sets all the mutator config variables to True.
    - AllOff - Sets all the variables to False.
    - Equip - Toggles the Telic Equipment.
    - Helmets - Toggles the Telic Helmets.
    - Stims - Toggles the Telic Stims.
    - NoFFAward - Toggles the FF Award.
    - Melee - Toggles the Telic Melee.
    - AddToTelic - Toggles the default behaviour of the mutator when running Telic Campaigns.

    Eg. If you are running the mutator with all the options turned on, and want to remove the Telic Stims in the following maps, log in as server admin and type:

> mutate Stims

     You should get the message: "Telic Mutator: Telic Stims set to False", and the  stims will work as usual in the following maps.

    Every time an option is changed in the mutator, the current configuration is saved to the ini file.

    Note that none of the mutator options will have any effect on default Sigma or Ortega campaigns. At the request of BCG, we decided to turn off the mutator when running Sigma and Ortega in order to keep the game balance of those campaigns in their original form. If you want to play Sigma or Ortega campaigns with the Telic additions, you can still create a Custom Campaign that recreates the missions and lobby map of those campaigns and run the mutator on top of them.

Telic Equipment

Primary equipment

- Mustard 280-A Machinegun

    Ammo Type: Autogun
    Clips: 2
    Clip Size: 250
    Auto-Aim: Yes

    The Mustard 280-A is a solid, belt-fed machine gun, that fires armor-breaking, 7.62 x 51mm full metal jacket rounds at an approx. cycling rate of 320 shots per minute.
    Originally intended to be used as a tactical support-fire weapon in small squads, the bulky M280 series has lately been adapted to allow a single person to effectively fire it on the move. Although the primitive tracking sensors are no match for the sophisticated targeting mechanism of the Autogun and the single barrel design is prone to overheating, the M280-A easily makes up for it with just one thing: raw power.

- G119 Morita Carbine

    Ammo Type: Rifle
    Clips: 5
    Clip Size: 99
    Auto-Aim: With alt-fire (lock), flares or flashlight

    Lighter and more compact than the 22A7-Z Prototype AR, the G119-Morita trades versatility and ease of use against stopping power and supreme firing precision. Instead of a grenade launcher, the carbine comes fitted with an infrared tracking device that captures scanner signals.
    On secondary fire, the weapon can identify and obtain a clear lock on hostile targets. Perfectly suited for long-range support and situations that require a maximum level of control: no need to panic when ammo runs low, the Morita makes every single bullet count.

- XM21 Hunter Rifle

    Ammo Type: Hunter ammo
    Clips: 5
    Clip Size: 12
    Auto-Aim: With flares or helmet lamp

    The Hunter Rifle is a new addition to the IAF arsenal. This model is constructed of a lightweight composite material that allows it to be carried over large distances with relative ease. It fires 60mm bullets at a speed of around 1500 m/s, delivering a fatal blow that is enough to kill most targets in one shot. Although the IAF doesn't restrict the use of this weapon, it is generally recommended only to marines who have shown outstanding accuracy during the course of their career.

- Shenk SMG

    Ammo Type: SMG magazine
    Clips: 10
    Clip Size: 30x2
    Auto-Aim: No

    The SynTek Shenk SMG belongs to a brand new class of small arms intended as defensive sidearms for second-line troops, vehicle crews and other military personnel normally not issued with assault rifles. With an impressive rate of fire and special high-velocity ammunition, the Shenk delivers a formidable knock back to any targets at short range. The use of low-weight polymer reinforcements and potent recoil stabilizers, coupled with its revolutionary design, make this submachine gun a very controllable and comfortable to fire weapon.

- GLR80 Grenade Launcher

    Ammo Type: Grenades
    Clips: 3
    Clip Size: 6
    Auto-Aim: No

Taking a true explosives expert to handle, the GLR80 is an extremely versatile device, ideal for clearing obstacles or fighting heavily armored targets. The launcher features a six-shot, revolving grenade magazine and a digital detonation manager that is capable of several firing modes. The standard setting is contact-triggered explosion. Skilled marines are able to shoot grenades that can be bounced around corners or can stick to a target, and which can be conveniently detonated remotely or by a sophisticated proximity detector. Ammunition that's gone amiss can be collected and reused. Simply put: If everything else fails, try a 40mm HE grenade.

- Ammo Bag
    A standard issue IAF pack containing extra ammo for the marine's weapons, with supplementary ammunition for the new weapons.  The ammo bag allows a marine to hand out ammo to marines that need it midway through the mission, either by dropping the clips on the floor or using the right click option on the portraits. 

Extra items

- T75 Explosives

    Mark T75 explosives are currently the all-rounder detonation packs used by IAF demolitions experts to clear paths, collapse tunnels, sabotage machinery or even bring down a medium sized building if necessary. A single pack contains a 850 gramm bore charge of tetra-nitric fluorine acid solvent (2700 standard unit equivalents), chemically treated with stabilizing agents. The IAF recommends extreme caution when handling explosive devices.

- Reserve Grenades 'Sixpack'

    Reserve grenades are carried separately in a special, heat resistant container, since IAF safety regulations now prohibit highly explosive ammunitions to be transported in a standard ammobag, after several strike teams were obliterated during unfortunate flamer accidents. Contains fragmentation grenades for the 22A3-1 Assault Rifle, stun grenades for the 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle or incendiary grenades for the M42 Assault Shotgun, depending on the type required by your primary weapon.

- Electronic Sentry Kit

    While the simple setup of an automated sentry gun is a task all IAF marines are drilled to accomplish in under ten seconds, reloading and dismantling a unit is a more complicated business that requires both a set of special tools as well as some mechanical talent. Field tested wrench, turnscrew, reserve bolts, microwelder, digital voltmeter, diagnosis unit and five ammo cartridges come nicely packed up in an ergonomically designed carbon fibre coffer.

- Helmet Lamp

    An ion lamp that can be attached to the marine's helmet. The ion flashlight operates at short intervals to deliver a powerful beam of light under the most adverse conditions. When the lamp is operating, rifle class weapons can benefit from a small amount of auto-aim.

- SN2 Gas Grenades

    A set of 6 grenades, containing aggressive chemicals that affect the Xenomorph's nervous system effectively. These grenades are only available to medical personnel that have been treated with SN2 agent inhibitors.

- Magnum Revolver

    These vintage Colt revolvers were acquired by Pvt. Bastille as a set in an auction in Paris. The frenchman takes great pride in his personal guns, and painstakingly crafts the .387 calibre bullets himself with mercury filled tips. The extra explosive charge gives the bullets a very high velocity and increased killing power. Upon impact, the mercury rips away the tip of the slug splaying the lead outwards, tearing through flesh and bone alike with tremendous efficiency.

- Oxygen Tank

    It is generally advisable to search for and equip an  O2 tank before beginning to explore areas are low on oxygen or contain a high concentration of contaminants. Oxygen tanks complement the IAF powersuits efficient recycling systems, providing you with a virtually unlimited supply of oxygen. With a tank equipped, you can also refill your powersuit oxygen or that of a close-by fellow marine by hitting the 'use extra' key ('F' by default) or selecting the 'Refill Oxygen' option from the right-click menu. Unfortunately this is a somewhat lossy procedure and can only be performed a limited number of times before the tank runs empty.

Telic Missions


    Design: Sniper1
    Brief: Life support systems in the colony have been severely damaged by the swarm. A quick intervention is required to reactivate the water processing units and clean the facility from infestation.
    Threat: Hazard
    Location: Water Plant

- Saviour

    Design: smattbac
    Brief : Command received a distress signal from the complex of warehouses north of Aqueduct. Deep thermal scans of the colony indicate a high probability of human life in this compound. Any survivors should be brought back to the dropship.
    Threat: Soldier
    Location: Warehouse 14

- Daylight

    Design: Donator
    Brief: N/A
    Threat: Unknown
    Location: Uncharted

- Mercury

    Design: Butters
    Brief: The mercury processing plant is running unmaintained since the swarm outbreak. The Telic fleet intends to destroy the colony nuking the mercury reservoirs from orbit.
    Threat: Code Red
    Location: Refinery

- Fetch

    Design: smattbac
    Brief: The biolabs have been unmonitored centres of advanced xenomorph research since Telic established the colony. Command requires a full report of the facility and evidence of the research activities of the corporation.
    Threat: Parasite
    Location: BioLabs

- Sabotage

    Design: Steroids
    Brief: Intelligence reports that this complex hosts the main computer hub and the protected backup systems of the colony. Hacking into the 'Mondrian' mainframe, we hope to gain access to Telic's classified data.
    Threat: High
    Location: Operations

- Tunnel

    Design: Donator
    Brief: An unkown cargo shipment has been remotely activated by Telic in the transportation hub of the colony. Your orders are to intercept the convoy and destroy the cargo before it travels out of the colony.
    Threat: Arachnid
    Location: Transport Hub

- Underneath  

    Design: Donator
    Brief: N/A
    Theat: Unknown
    Location: Uncharted

Mapping with Telic content

    If you want to include some of the Telic content in your map, beware that most likely wou will be requiring players to have Telic installed in order to play your map (in this sense Telic behaves like a Bonus Pack in UT2004) - which is in general a bad idea.

    If you wan to use some of the new actors found in the Telic code packages, you should add the lines:


    In the section [Editor.EditorEngine] in AlienSwarm.ini.

    The rest of the content (static meshes, textures, sounds, etc.) is accesible by opening the relevant package within the Editor. If you want to use an isolated element, say a static mesh or texture, but want to make your map independent of Telic, you can always embed the object in the map by saving it into MyLevel. Beware that some objects are not straightforward to embed, as they might depend on other packages in Telic (a static mesh might be using a texture from a telic package, actors often depend on other classes or use assets like meshes, sounds, etc.).

    If in doubt, feel free to email us and let us know what Telic content you would like to use.

Playing tips

    The basic tip to survive the Telic campaign is to play cooperatively and to use squad tactics when moving through the map accomplishing the different mission objectives.  The difficulty in Telic is probably a notch above the official campaigns, as the telic missions normally have parts that require active teamplay and cooperation to be completed. Here are some tips that we found useful during beta testing:

    - Hold on to your helmet! :  Marines begin all Telic missions equipped with the standard IAF powersuit including a combat helmet. When entering potentially hazardous places, the marines' powersuits will auto-pressurize and draw oxygen from the suit's reserve. This in indicated by a blue 'O2' icon and a counter in the top left corner of the display. If you take extremely heavy damage, your marine might lose the helmet and the suit will be unable to pressurize in hazardous environments, so make sure you pick up your helmet again or find a new one as soon as possible.

    - Learn to use the new equipment : In Telic you will need to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the new weapons and how to use them wisely. The new Telic weapons are balanced with respect to the existing equipment, and while they offer some advantages over the standard weapons, they often introduce some drawbacks. You will have to learn how to make the most out of them and make wise selections of equipment for each mission.

    - Use the extra items: Extra inventory items often play an important role in Telic maps. Bringing a welder, flares or a flashlight, a sentry kit, explosives, etc. will be of great help for the trickiest parts of a mission. If the Telic Stims are enabled in the Telic mutator, the extra slot will always be available to accommodate useful inventory items. Think tactically and try to select the right equipment for each mission.

    - Plan ahead: The Telic Campaign takes the cooperative aspects of Alien Swarm one step further. Many missions will require the team to perform coordinated actions in different parts of the map, and most Telic missions just cannot be completed with only one marine. Learn to talk to your teammates and plan the tactics ahead of time, try to keep together and forget about 'ramboing' the maps.



Butters: "The Butcher" - Hacking, Level Design, Team Coordination
Donator: "The Innovator" - Level Design, Coding, Writer, Voice Actor
smattbac: "Multitasker" - Code Magician, Level Design, All-Rounder
Sniper1 : "The Artist" - Models and Animations, Level Design, Web Wizard
Steroids: "Waveglider" - Music and Sounds, Level Design, Promo Vid


Big_D: Coding and Mapping Support, Testing
Carth: 2D-Art, Testing
Mek: 2D Art, Mapping, Web Support
Voice Acting: DeepQantas, Mordengaard, Broken Arts, Dana
Beta Testing: Baz, Killer-MK1, MjrHurtz, Cpt.Exo, UArch, Mac_Jedi


Fluffy: fanboy #1
Flauschi for donating his Alien Swarm server
Renzatic for letting us use "AO-Fuel"
Sithlegend for his weapon models from Annihilation Arsenal
SquirrelZero for his dynamic flashlight code
Spinefinger for the Shenk concept
Dalai for handy code hooks in Alien Swarm 1.3
Black Cat Games for a kick ass mod and valuable feedback

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