Mutator to play with slanted third person cameras in Alien Swarm.


Uncompress the mutator package in your Ut2004/System directory. You can place Infested2K4.u in the AlienSwarm/System directory instead, but the .ini file needs to be in UT2004/System or the game won't find it.

Playing Offline

You need to load the mutator 'Infested2K4.MutInfested', either by:

1) Launching the game with a batch file adding the mutator to the command line, eg.: start ..\System\ut2004.exe AO-ReactorCore?Mutator=Infested2K4.MutInfested -mod=AlienSwarm

2) Launching the game normally with the AlienSwarm executable then bringing up the console (normally by pressing ~) and typing: open AO-Rescue?Mutator=Infested2K4.MutInfested

Server Admins

Load the mutator 'Infested2K4.MutInfested' by adding it to the server launch command e.g. start ..\System\ucc.exe server AO-Ort3-Cargo.ut2?Game=AoPrototype.AoGameInfo?Mutator=Infested2K4.MutInfested -mod=AlienSwarm

Known Issues

This tilted camera is a poorly implemented hack - don't expect it to be like the real thing in AS:I For one, the location and inclination of the camera are just a guess work (see below), aiming and panning are not adjusted properly. More importantly, ASW maps are not made for a tilted camera, and the result is sometimes positively unplayable.

The mutator implements two mechanisms to solve occlussion problems: map actors defined via ini files that can control the degree of tilt and a fallback to overhead when the view of the player is obstructed. Neither of them are devent enough solutions, so expect to get killed in frustrating ways.

On the positive side, most maps are fairly playable and look stunning with the perspective view.

Things you can do with the mutator

* Trick your friends into thinking AS:I has been released

* Use it as a sandbox to play around with the camera in swarm (see below)

* Play the missions from a different view point - see Swarm maps in all their stunning beauty (or shocking ugliness)

* Get killed more often

* Take screenshots or make promo videos to show off a map

* Practice mapping for the AS:I look. Refer to the official documentation for a discussion of some of the mapping issues in AS:I

Sandbox Mode

The mutator comes with a 'developer mode' that you can use to change the camera parameters and to place Camera Cylinders (CCs) in maps.

* Camera adjustment - Camera parameters are defined in the ini file. You can edit this manually, or adjust the camera in game and then save it. The console commands that control the camera are:

* CCs are actors that can change the tilt factor of the camera (how far it deviates from overhead) in game - they are useful for areas where you know there will be an occlussion problem and in general they're a better solution that letting the camera autoadjust. Once you have placed some CCs in a map, you can save them to the ini file and they will be loaded automatically the next time the mission is played.

Some CC commands (use 'set input command some_key' for easy access) :


I'd appreciate ideas to make the camera more player friendly.

Only the EFR maps, some Sigma maps, and TE-Aqueduct come with predefined CCs in this package - if you produce an entry for another map, feel free to share it. I can add it in an update.

Post any issues or map areas where the gameplay suffers.

A rough guide to some maps:

Version History

0.99 Initial release