Custom Campaign Mutator v1.5 (Asw v1.3 version) Readme

1. Description
This mutator adds support for custom campaigns in Alienswarm. You can either create one yourself or select the predefined Upsilon campaign.

There are also the Phalanx and Telic campaign which you can (and should!) install and play.

2. Installation

The mutator is automatically installed when you install Alienswarm v1.3.
If you have an old version of the mutator (e.g. AoCustCamp140.u) you can delete those files.

3. How to use

The mutator is automatically loaded when you start Alienswarm.

Creating your own campaign involves subclassing the AoCCampaignInfo class in AoCustCamp.u, and filling in the defaultproperties and making link lines for the lobby map. Feel free to extract the source and examine how it's done. And remember that you need an file to accompany your MyCampaign.u file.

4. History
November 25th 2005 - v1.5
-mutator now included with Alienswarm v1.3
-added an extra string variable to extraslots for saving miscellaneous things
-changed how the unlock map triggering works
-removed version number from package name.
-fixed a bug where a campaign with more than 7 maps would be reset in lobby map
-fixed a bug where the wrong slot would be reset when voting for an ingame created campaign
-fixed a rare bug that caused two campaign menus to open in lobby

June 23rd 2005 - v1.4
-added support for lobby maps.
-changed how custom campaigns are defined. You can no longer specify them in Alienswarm.ini. Instead you must compile a class defining your campaign along with a .int file so the mutator can find it.
-Upsilon campaign updated. Made it use a lobby map, AO-Weaponfacility was dropped in favour of AO-Depot, and AO-Lostcontact was updated to AO-Lostcontact-SE8.

24.apr.2005 - v1.35
-fixed some "typos" in mapnames for Upsilon campaign
-if a server doesn't have the maps listed in a campaign the campaign wont be added to the map vote menu
-custom predefined campaigns now start from AoCustMapInfoOne going up to AoCustMapInfoSeven

26.jan.2005 - v1.2
-fixed a bug that made a server running the mutator to disappear from the server browser list
-better parsing of map names when announcing a custom campaig
-added a "mutate CCInfo" command

7.dec.2004 - v110
-bAddToServerPackage=true in mutator so you don't have to add the ServerPackages line to Alienswarm.ini when running on a server
-added default DifficultyModifiers for ingame created campaigns
-wrote the predefined campaign info in the class file instead of the ini. This removes the need to supply the ini with the mutator, and allows server admins to run several servers on one installation.
-fixed a bug where you could overwrite the current campaign info if a vote for a new campaign failed

 - First release

5. Credits & Contact
Coding by smattbac and Butters.
Thanks to Dalai and the rest of BCG for including this mutator with Alienswarm v1.3.
And to everyone that has helped with testing.

Feedback and bug reports can be directed to or you can try and catch smattbac or Butters on the Alienswarm irc channels.