This is a list of the important classes of the package AoVarious.u . A short description and the super (mother) classes are given here. For more info see the comments in the scripts.

class AoAlienBabyToughPawn: This is a baby Tough Pawn with another skin, that hatches from the green eggs (AoToughPawnEgg). Same as the Telic gimp, only easier and cannot destroy sentries. Extending AoAlienToughPawn

class AoClassCheckVolume: This is a class that when triggered (from a VolumeTrigger), checks the type of the marines inside it and based on the settings triggers or not it's events. Could be used if you want something to happen only when a medic is near (inside the volume) or if you want to open a door only if there in no hacker, for whatever reason. It can check the for the following conditions: And_That_Class = inside the volume has to be at least one marine of that class, That_Class_Only= only marines of that class have to be inside to trigger the event, Not_That_Class= no marine of that class must be inside the volume to trigger the event, and finally All_Classes= at least a medic a hacker a autogunner and a demoman have to be inside the volume. Extending Volume

class AoCountMarineVolume: This volume checks the number of marines inside it. Based on a bool either fires it's event the moment all marines are inside it, or when triggered checks if all marines are inside and then triggers the event. Could be used to open a door only when all marines are near, to make them play as a team etc. Warning: In the first mode, the script check if all marines are alive only when a marine enters the volume, so if a marine outside the volume dies leaving all the alive marines inside the volume the event won't get broadcasted until somebody leaves the volume and then re-enters it. Extending Volume

class AoDiffDispatcher: LF's idea.This is like the normal dispatcher, only it holds different events for different difficulties. So on Easy it only looks the EasyEvents on Normal only the NormalEvents etc. Like the dispatcher it has probabilities and delays. Extending AoVariousStuff

class AoDiffObject: LF's idea. With this object you can have different pickups on different game difficulties. You write the package.class string of the pickup (it won't work if it is in the mylevel package), you select the difficulties that it should exist and it will be spawned only in the right occasions. Like give an akira only on hard or insane. Actually you can type any existing package.class string, like decorations, StaticMeshes etc, and it will be spawned, provided there is enough room. There is also a variable that controlls clips for AoWeapons and charges for AoPickups. Place that object only on “valid” locations, not in the air, or colliding with a wall etc. Extending AoVariousStuff

class AoDrone: Porting the drone project originally created by Mahalis to Alien Swarm.. For more info look : Official Post in the Atari Forum. They will target an shoot enemy aliens that are inside their range. Their low speed projectile can hurt marines, but the damage dealt is not lethal even on insane. Their lifespan is 120 seconds and if their owner gets killed they explode causing damage to marines near them. Extending Actor (that is done to keep the same format with the original project)

class AoDroneCase: Each time this inventory item is used a AoDroneUse panel is spawned. It has charges, it can be used by all classes, only it not an extra, but it takes a weapon position. Extending AoInventory

class AoDroneUse: The panel is spawned from the AoDroneCase. It is a normal panel that when used it will create a drone for the marine that used it. By default it is UseOnlyOnce and isn't locked. But it can also be placed in the map alone. Then it will work exactly like the normal ObjectPanel meaning that it can trigger also an event when spawning the drone, it can be locked etc. Extending AoObjectButtonPanel

class AoGUIDynamicInfoWindow: This is just a normal info window that can replace the current date and marine and player name. Wanted to create a log feeling for a map, but didn't exactly work the way I wanted. Still I kept it in the package Extending AoGUIWindowInfoPanel, but only spawned from an InfoTrigger or InfoPanel.

class AoKangHP: A new pistol with rockets as secondary. Like the standard pistol it can take advantage of flares and flashlight and gunfighter can have akimbo (class AoTwinHP), but it causes more damage and a small movement penalty when firing. One rocket will slow down the aliens or even kill them, so that the marines can reload/move away or even recharge them if the Grepp is equipped. Special caution is required when throwing a rocket as it causes splash damage. Extending AoWeapon

class Grepp: This class works like the ReserveGrenade, but it can also hold rocket grenades for the KangHP. By default it has 16 charges, so when equipped with a KangHP it is a deadly combination. Extending AoPickup

class AoMedRifle: This is my first ever Uscript class. It is just a Rifle that has gas grenades as secondary. Very weak uses standard rifle ammo. Nothing special, but it is my first fully working class. Extending AoRifle, but the pickup is a subclass of AoPickup

class AoNameInfoTrigger: When triggered this class will display, based on an enum, the name of the marine that triggered it, or the name of the AoPlayer that did that. Mapper can also add one string to be broadcasted before the name and one after it. So you can have something like that: “Hurry marines.Sarge (Wildcat etc..) is waitng for you in the langing bay.” or “Blame Whatever_Player for the huge spawneretc. Extending AoVariousStuff

class AoNumMarineDispatcher: One more LF's idea. Like a dispatcher, only it has SmallTeam, NormalTeam and BigTeam- Events. This class has two different modes decided from a bool. In the first one, based on the number of alive marines one of the three “sets” of events gets chosen when triggered (1-2 alive marines-> SmallTeamEvents, 3-5 alive marines-> NormalTeamEvents , 6+ BigTeamEvents). In the other mode things are a bit more complicated. The script calculates, when triggered, the ratio alive/started. If the team has few or none casualties the SmallTeamEvents get chosen, if the team has some casualties, but still no chaos, the Normal Team Event get chosen and well, if 6 marines started and the moment the dispatcher got triggered only 1 or 2 were alive the BigTeamEvent get selected. Could be used more as a bonus to give more ammo to small teams, or give a secret weapon to the few marines that survived or spawn more aliens because obviously they are good. Extending AoVariousStuff

class AoOneOfThreeConsole: Just like the Super class, this class gives the ability to select three events with different textures, just by clicking at them. Only it doesn't say Turret Selected etc. Nothing special, just commented one line.... Extending AoTurretConsole

class AoPassPanel: This panel when activated will bring up a window with letters like a keyboard. Then the player has to click the correct letters to create (guess) a password given by the mapper in Ued. If the answer is wrong many times the panel can lock. Sounds, events, messages and hack message, that can act as a hint, etc are fully customisable from Ued. In that class the password is the same each time you play the map, which makes it not really useful, however in the subclass AoRandomPassPanel the password is chosen randomly from a set of strings (dynamic array) given in Ued. Also when triggered this class can display a message with the password inside. Extending AoTurretConsole

class AoRipper: Originally created by the Fraghouse team the Ripper is a powerful weapon hat throws blades. The blades will hit the wall and return back, making every bullet count. Extending AoWeapon, but the pickup is obviously extending AoPickup

class AoToughPawnEgg: One of my first classes too. This is like a normal egg, only it is green and big by default AlienBabyToughPawns are spawned from inside and it causes damage to marines that are near when hatching. It could use a better emitter to make it more clear why marines are damaged, but I still think it is a good idea. Damage radius, type and amount are fully customisable from Ued. Extending AoAlienEgg

class AoVariousObjectButtonPanel: Kjk idea. This is a similar class with the Telic AoTeObjectButtonPanel (the one used to “increase presure”), credits are given to them. What it does, is that it doesn't say Crash:Hack Complete, when activated if it was locked on level 0, but instead the mapper can write a text that will be displayed/read when started using it, when at 50% and when completed. Furthermore it has a bool, that if true will reset the “hack” back to 0, if the marine stops using it before it is completed, to kill more aliens etc, so that (s)he has to start again from 0. Extending AoObjectButtonPanel

class AoVariousSpawner and AoVariousRandomSpawner: These are two spawner that actually do almost the same thing. They are like the normal AoSpawner only: They take 3 (different) alien classes to spawn and have also a Random mode where the alien class that will be spawned is decided ..... randomly. Furthetmore the Various spawner has a static mesh and health and thus it can be destroyed (disabled). Actually and the other class has the same ability, but (IMO, haven't read that anywhere )because it is a subclass of AoAlienspawner, that is a subclass of Keypoint which has as comment that is invisible, it doesn't replicate the mesh online. On the other hand the VariousSpawner (extending triggers :p) with 99% the same code does replicate correctly online. Extending Actor and AoAlienSpawner

class AoVariousStuff: This is a dummy class (abstract actually) that is the parent of all my classes that don't require extending from a specific actor. The result is that the classes are all together in the editor and you don't have to look for them under decoration, triggers, keypoints etc.. Also in there are some package info. Extending Triggers

class AoVariousTempMover: Subclass of AoMover, with a misleading name, this mover broadcasts 3 events when it's damage is at 50%, 75% and 100%.Then it becomes invisible and also hides all of his slaves. Also it can take damage from aliens in all keys. Extending AoMover

class AoVariousTimeChecker: One more LF's idea, this class when triggered compares the elapsed game time with a predefined time (seconds) given by the mapper. If the triggering happened before the limit the FastEvents get broadcasted, else the SlowEvents. Works exactly like a normal dispatcher. (delays etc).only it is bTriggerOnly once by default and that cannot be changed from Ued. Extending AoVariousStuff

Package Last compiled : Jan 18 2008 Version 1.18